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How to protect family, the elderly, children from Towel Rail & Radiator Heater burn risks

The majority of our bathrooms are equipped with Towel Rails, which are essential to keep our bathrooms warm and cozy.

But they do get very hot, hence in many hotels and public places warning signs are used to notify us of the dangers relating to such hot surfaces.

But what happens if you are elderly, vulnerable, less able, a child, a pet or indeed anyone where the signs are not clear, easily visible or the space is just too small to avoid the Towel Rail or a hot Radiator, which is the case in so many of our small cloaks, en-suites or indeed in our homes, care homes, assisted living places, as well as hotel rooms, canteens, staff rooms etc.

Towel Rails and Radiators in Small cloaks, bathrooms & narrow enty halls

We also brush against radiators in entry halls, corridors, and en-suite Towel Rails, but the high temperature does pose burn risks on prolonged contact.

In fact the matter is so serious that The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states that under health and safety legislation, RADIATOR COVERS ARE required when people who have limited mobility are at risk of falling onto any hot surface which could cause them harm.

The relevant legislation is:

The room that is specifically identified as potentially most dangerous is the bathroom, as it makes us most exposed to the potential for burns, falls and flooding.

Vulnerable people, cannot always tell when something has become too hot, such as a radiator, towel rail, hot tap water etc.

This is why we developed Radiator Covers that are specifically designed to fit onto Towel Rails, creating a physical barrier from the hot heater.

Towel Rail Radiator Cover Safety Panel protecting from burns in En-suit Cloaks Bathroom Heaters

With a simple attachment mechanism the Towel Rail Radiator Covers are very easy to fit onto the heater, so that the flat panel covers the ladders as well as any dials and valves, indeed the Heater Cover can be made to any size so that it hides any pipes you might also like to cover.

The Panels are placed a little way away from the radiator to limit the transfer of direct heat, yet open on all sides retaining good heat distribution. Made to specific size means that the Towel Radiator Panels can fit into any space, even if the Heater is close to the toilet, door, bathroom sink or a shower door etc. This also means that the Towel Rail Covers can be easily fitted during a renovation project or indeed retrospectively without the need to make any changes to the existing bathroom pipework or position of the Towel Rail.

The importance of Radiator Heater Covers in care home environments cannot be stressed enough, but is often overlooked or perceived as unnecessary or indeed disruptive, complicated and expensive.

Our Towel Rails Covers offer proven solutions that are easy to fit* and therefor cause no disruption to the residents or running of the establishment, whilst providing instant protection for additional safety and peace of mind for family, friends and those who care and manage care homes.

See standard sizes of Towel Rail Covers via this link or contact us now to get more information or if you have a specific project you would like our help with.

 *Towel Rail Radiator Covers to be fitted by professional fitter or carpenter, we recommend testing the strength of fitting by applying pressure and weight, adding fixings if necessary, we also recommend checking the strength of the fitting regularly to ensure the fixings did not become loose of misplaced due to any impact.

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