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Radiator Cover PANELS

RADIATOR COVERS transform an unattractive, even ugly radiator into a focal point of any room, hallway, or any commercial space. Your entry hall, living room, or dining room, indeed any function hall, corridor, or a public area will be transformed in minutes without the need to drill, cut, or damage the walls.

Removable Radiator Covers are extremely easy to fit onto a standard panel radiator so it is hidden behind the modern attractive front cover, yet there is very little loss of heat (approximate 1%) making this a perfect solution for any room. All you need to do is fix the two metal brackets to the back of the Panel with the screws we provide, attach the self-adhesive spacer at the bottom and clip the Radiator Cover onto your radiator, that is it - then just sit back and admire! 

The Radiator Covers also create a barrier to prevent direct contact with the hot radiator meaning they are a great safety feature in any public spaces or rooms used by children or pets.

To complete the look why not add a made to measure shelf made to exactly match your Radiator Cover, also adding some useful display and storage whilst helping to direct the heat into the room. 

The Panels we use to make our Radiator Covers can also be used as Decorative Wall Panels to decorate and protect walls, made to measure kitchen or Waredrob doors, or stylish Room Dividers as well as bedroom Headboards.

All Radiator Covers can also be made as Radiator Cabinets (delivered fully assembled with top and sides) so please contact us if you prefer to order this option. 

But if you prefer to have the sides of the Radiator covers have a look through our stunning Floating Radiator Cover Range also available with unique features such as handy top drawers and space-saving folding table.