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Ours is the easiest way to cover your ugly radiators

But first thing is first, let us introduce ourselves.

We are a British business specialising in supplying households and businesses with stunning yet functional Radiator Heater Coverings, as well as related product such as decorative wall panels, cupboard doors, room dividers etc. etc.

With many years of business experience, established our customer base and product range which has grown from strength to strength with literaly hundreds and hundreds of Radiators transformed across England, Scotland and Wales as well as continental Europe and the USA.

Our innovative, unique and high-quality products continue to grow in popularity, but most importantly we strive to deliver first-class personal service to every customer.

Do not be surprised that when you speak to us you are likely to deal with the same contact every time, so we really do know about your specific requirement and they can answer all your queries.

"Radiator arrived safely, Saturday afternoon as promised. 
Thank you for all your assistance again, in arranging original sizing and delivery. 
A fantastic service, as before, from start to finish. 
Hope to visit your wonderful [online] shop again as I slowly progress with house refurbishment."

Susan H April, 2019

This is a message from one of our loyal customers, who like us, cannot get enough of the Radiator Covers and one by one she buys a Cover for every room in the house to complete the transformation

But why Radiator Covers I hear you ask?

In this day and age it is so easy to find furniture, curtains, cushions to create your distinctive home interior – but have you tried to find something a bit different to cover Radiators? I know many will say that they are happy with their radiators as they are, but as you are reading this I am sure you are like me – you want everything just perfect and having a white, boxy thing in the centre of the room is just not right.

Surely there must be something better than the bog-standard cabinets you can find all over websites and DIY stores?

But after spending lots and lots of time searching for something slightly more modern and unusual to cover our Radiators we found quite impossible. Many years of travelling across Europe made us think to start venturing into different countries, there are those specialities they all excel in i.e. design in Denmark, clothes in Italy, manufacturing in Germany – surely we can find specialists in making such types of furniture accessories?

And then we came across this one maker, with a genius solution, advance production method and sophisticated designs. We were hooked and completely converted to these covers.

So back to the easiest method to cover your Radiator Covers.

Unlike with traditional Radiator Cabinets our Radiator Cover will not need you to:

  • spend hours getting precise measurements
  • be disappointed when you find out that the Cabinet you need is not available as standard (especially when it comes to depth!)
  • even if you find the right size you will need to put it together
  • and paint it
  • and cut out the skirting board
  • and fit it to the wall (just in case!)
  • and after all that you will leave it behind when you move, as it is just too much hassle to take it with you ...

But all you do with our Radiator Covers is:

  • order the size that will cover the top and sides, but do not worry our Radiator Covers can be moved either way and up and down (which might be slightly restricted on some designs) to find your perfect position
  • open the box and unwrap the well protected Radiator Cover, fully finished with durable wipe-clean material
  • fix two brackets and a self-adhesive spacer (removable installation)
  • place the Radiator Cover onto your radiator and admire!!!!

Yes, it is as easy as that. And if you are like me and need to visualise things, below are the simple steps in pictures

Simple 4 steps to get your Radiator Cover fitted

Now is the best time to cover those ugly radiators

Just go to our online store to find a selection of stunning colours in the 6 most popular designs of Radiator Covers in sizes from 70cm to 180cm long, which will suit 99% of all radiators.

Select the size you need and place your order via our secure site.

Thanks for reading, now go transform your house and rooms.

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