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Radiator Heater CABINETS

Our Radiator Cabinets are crafted masterpieces of solid furniture, designed to provide superior styling with robust construction. Unlike other product on the market, the majority of our durable Heater Cabinets are delivered to your door completely finished and fully assembled, all you need to do is position in the room.

Hundred of colours and all designs & sizes of Radiator Cabinets are available, just contact us for full details, indeed all our Panel Radiators Covers can be produced with casing to enclose the Radiator.

The range below is specifically designed for our younger generation. Our Children Radiator Heater Cabinets look fun and funky and will enhance the look of any bedroom, nursery or playroom yet covering the hot radiators these Radiator Cabinets perform a very important function as Radiator Guards, stopping direct contact with the heater and preventing potential burns to the very delicate young skin.

All the dangerous corners, pipes and thermal elements of your radiators are completely enclosed within our Radiator Cabinets, making playtime just a little bit safer.

A removable Front Cover Panel on some ranges means that you can easily adjust the temperature and maintain the radiator and valves without the need to dismantle the Cabinet.

Large openings on the top and bottom of the Radiator Cabinet improve air circulation when compared to the more traditionally designed, more enclosed cabinets.

Radiator Cabinets are also known to reduce noise some radiators might make when heating up or cooling down, which might make bedtime that little bit easier.

Please contact us if you would like to order these Children's Radiator Cabinets in the Radiator Cover Panel format or would like the Modern Design of any Radiator Covers to be supplied as a Radiator Cabinet (supplied fully assembled with top and sides).