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Radiator Covers FLOATING

Floating Radiator Covers bring all the benefits of safety, protection, noise reduction and the ease of access of our Radiator Cabinets, as well as the handy additional space of Radiator Shelves, yet fixed onto the wall they float above the floor creating a spacious, airy effect.

Similar to our most popular Radiator Cover Panels these Modern Cabinets stylishly glide in the air, offering supreme yet subtle elegance alongside the improved heat efficiency (compared to standard Radiator Cabinets) as the air easily travel freely through the bottom, sides/side openings (on most models) as well as the intelligent 'V' shaped gaps of the design panels of the Radiator Cover, not to mention the ease of cleaning and maintenance.

If you prefer we can also produce the models to go all the way to the floor, just increase the height and the Cover will disguise any unsightly pipes, wires or issues with the skirting board.