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5 Reasons to use Radiator Cabinets in kids bedrooms

5 Reasons to use Radiator Cabinets in Kids Bedrooms

5 Reasons to use Radiator Cabinets in Kids Bedrooms

1. Safety - safer touch

Distinct Kids Radiator Cabinets features - safer touch with no direct contact with the heater

Enclosed on top and sides the Radiator Cabinets provide physical barrier safeguarding children, pets, etc. from touching hot heater and no direct contact with the radiator minimises the danger of burning of the delicate young skin

2. Protection – fully enclosed 

Distinct Kids Radiator Cabinets features - fewer bumps with sharp corners & pipes hidden

Radiator Cabinets hide all sharp corners, pipes, valves meaning radiators are less likely to cause scratches, bumps, and bruises; this is why we highly recommend these in children activity areas such as bedrooms, playrooms, nurseries, corridors, etc.

3. Reduced noise – a better night sleep

Distinct Kids Radiator Cabinets features - reduced noise when heaters are heating or cooling

You might have noticed that some radiators (especially the older ones) tend to make a bit of noise when heating up and cooling down in particular, Radiator Cabinets covers the radiator which reduces any monstrous noise it might be making, helping to get a better night sleep for everyone in the family.

 4. Performance - optimal heat distribution

Distinct Kids Radiator Cabinets features - optimal heat through the large top and bottom gaps

With top and side panels Radiator Cabinets are more enclosed than our standard Radiator Covers meaning they are not as heat efficient. Our innovative design of Kids Radiator Cabinets features large gaps at the top and bottom of the cabinet meaning there is the least interference with the heat transfer from the radiator to the room in comparison to other cabinets. There is also a theory that the that with well-designed Radiator Cabinets there is a flue effect of cold air being drawn through the radiator and directing the warm air into the room, adding the natural convection heating process.

5. Easy maintenance – removable front

Distinct Kids Radiator Cabinets features – easy access for maintenance with the removable front cover

The front panel of the Radiator Cabinet is fitted to the frame with standard KEKU fixings (see details on our Fitting Instruction Page) which means it can be easily removed allowing access for maintenance, annual bleeding, changing the settings, vacuuming etc. etc.

See our ranges of Radiator Cabinets now or contact us for more details.

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