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What fitting do I need for my Radiator Cover - we have alternative options for you.Will I get the right fittins for my Radiator?

Can I get the right fittings for my Radiator?

What fittings do I need for my Radiator Covers?

You are considering buying the Radiator Heater Covers to transform your interiors - clearly, you have a great taste! (and you know what will look great without causing heat loss) ... but you are not sure if your radiators are suitable - search no more, here is some information explaining the types of radiators and what fitting solutions we offer.



Distinct Designs Panel Radiators Photos and Fittings

By far the most popular radiators fitted in the majority of UK houses as well as commercial buildings PANEL radiators are characterised by a metal grille fitted on two panels.

Our Standard Radiator Cover fittings are designed so the two 'teeth' on top of the fitting (picture above) clips between the metal grille elements and the structure fits onto the radiator ensuring solid fitting of the Radiator Cover, yet easy removal and repositioning when required.

All our Radiator Covers are supplied with the standard fittings, which also include a self-adhesive spacer and bottom clip, see our Fitting Instructions page for more details.


Distinct Designs Column Radiators Details and Fittings

Column radiators are found in some older, possibly period properties. 

Our Radiator Covers can be easily fitted onto a Column Radiator but you will need to order an additional adapter kit, which fits in between the 'ribs' of the radiator, see more details on our Fitting Instruction Page including the short video. 


Distinct Desings Round Roll-top Radiators Details and Fittins

There are some properties built in the 70s that have single or double radiators with tops that are distinctly rounded on the top as per the above photos. With a number of customers asking for a solution we found an elegant metal clip that fits over the rounded edge of the radiator whilst the clamp with 18 to 22mm adjustable pin holds the Radiator Cover in place.

Please let us know if you need such a fitting and we will send it to you with your order.


Bathroom towel rails get very hot so it is important to minimise the risk of burns, especially for children, if the bathrooms are used by guests in your B&B, hotel or public area or the Towel Rail is positioned close to the sanitary ware making it almost impossible not to touch it when in use. Our Radiator Covers can be fitted directly onto standard towel rails so they create a barrier from the hot radiator whilst retaining the heat efficiency.


Distinct Designs Other Types of Radiators Designs and Fittins

But if the above information does not cover your radiators why not use two bolted L shaped brackets that you can attach to the wall and the Radiator Covers at your preferred height and angle; you will need to drill the wall to fix the bracket but ... it is a small price to pay to get a beautifully looking radiator! We can supply these brackets upon request.

Contact us now if you are unsure what fittings you will need.

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